Uncle Don's Hawaiian Recipes

Cook Rice With Your Finger

First you get a pot. Then you pour some short grain rice in it and then you add some water. Now you gonna clean it. Rub the rice between your hands and get some of the white milkey stuff off of it. Wash the rice two or three times like this until the water gets fairly clear. 

Drain the rice by pouring off the water, level off the rice and stick your index finger into the pot until you can just touch the top of the rice with the tip of your finger. Keep your finger on top of the rice, then add new fresh cold water up to the first knuckle of your index finger. Add a few shakes of salt. Remove your finger. 

Put the pot of rice and water on a high burner and wait ... I said wait, until it almost boils over. When it almost does, turn the burner down to low, wait a few seconds for the heat to go down, put the lid on tight and set the timer for 20 minutes. When the bell rings the rice is done. You can keep it on warm if you wish but it is best to serve right away. 

Here's an onolicious concept: arrange a few slices of Lup Chong Chinese sausage on top the rice when you put the lid on. It makes for a nice dish and a different tasting rice.

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