HAWAII CALLS, INC.® (HCI), is a diversified, privately held family corporation. Founded in 1935 and headquartered in 'Aiea, Hawai'i, HCI’s has four wholly-owned subsidiaries. These include:  Hula Records®, a record label specializing in Hawaiian and indigenous World Beat music; Kona-Kai Distributing Co., an international music distributor and publisher; Ahi Paka and Travel-Lite, respectively manufacture and distribute Hawaiian and internationally designed resort gifts and golf accessories throughout Hawai'i and the world.

          Recording, publishing and distributing music has been our core business for over 75 years.  Our catalog contains thousands of titles recorded by Hawai'i’s best vintage and contemporary artists.  Indeed, HCI owns the largest catalog of Hawaiian music and related software in the world.

          We trace our origin back to July 3, 1935, when the first “Hawaii Calls” radio program was broadcasted from the Moana Hotel on the beach of Waikiki.  Created and hosted by radio pioneer Webley Edwards, it showcased top Hawaiian musical artists.  In its heyday, the show was heard on over 600 radio stations in North America and scores of others in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Africa, and the Far East.  It was also heard on the Voice of Freedom (the predecessor to the Voice of America) and on Armed Forces Radio throughout the world.

          Over it’s 40-year history, “Hawaii Calls” made a number of songs world famous including – “Lovely Hula Hands,” “Beyond the Reef,” “Little Brown Gal,” and “The Hawaiian Wedding Song.”  “Sweet Leilani,” which made its debut in a 1936 broadcast, became the only Hawaiian song ever to win an Academy Award when Bing Crosby’s rendition from the movie “Waikiki Wedding” received an Oscar.

          As we look toward the future, our primary objective is to preserve and celebrate the music of the Pacific Rim.  To that end, we are aggressively pursuing plans to record and distribute international artists, capitalize on our vast catalog of musical entertainment software and utilize new technologies to market and promote product.

       Above all, we will continue our tradition of success through innovation.

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