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Ono Hahd-Boil Huamoa

Lot a people, de tell, you so dumb you can't even boil egg. But wait a minute, it's not dat easy. How many times you wen try and came out junk? Well you try dis one an guarantee...
So what, you folks going picnic, or maybe you gon make da kine curry fo da gang. Well for da firs time you gon have da ono kine hahd boil chicken egg, no mo green and da shell come off easy.

You know how many times you folks get funny kine green part in da eggs wen you wen bite ‘em, well, now you no more da problem, because us guys get da answer for da problem. An besides, you know how many times you wen hafta get da chisel for get da egg shell fo come off because stuck and la dat. Well, we wen get da answer fo dat too.

Now, you try fo make da boil egg la dis:

  • Firs, put all da eggs in one big heavy pot and pour da col tap water all over until da eggs one and a half inches unda da water. Turn high da heat.
  • Soon da water gon come rolling boil. Now wen you get da rolling boil, as da shocka. Quick you turn da heat to low, now you cova da pot and cook ‘em for 30 seconds, as right, 30 seconds. Try use da timer.
  • Wen you pau with the 30 sec. cooking, take da pot off the heat and let da eggs stand in da covad hot water for 15 minutes. Use da timer again. Den, almos pau, hemo da lid, put da pot wid da eggs unda da running col water tap for five minute. Dis make da egg no turn green and da shell fo come off easy.
So deah, how you la dat? Onolicious hahd boil egg.

Another winner from Uncle DON MCDIARMID.

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