Uncle Don's Hawaiian Recipes

Hawaiian "Fly Lice"

  • 6 C rice, cooked, cold, leftover yesterdays ok, last weeks frozen ok, older no ok.
  • 2 lg eggs; beatem lightly, pinch of salt
  • 1/2 t Salt
  • 1 T minced round onion
  • 2 T soy sauce, Kikkomon
  • 1 t wine, dry, splash ok
  • 2 green onion stalks, chopped fine
  • 1 c peas; frozen thawed
4 T peanut oil, (a must); use less oil if you no like ono kine Fo super kine "Fly Lice," add tin slices and bits Lup Chong, (Chinese sausage) ham, small shlimp, Chinese loast pork, (char siu) lobster, spam (all optional an oney some or all, what you fella like).

In one hot wok, try add one big spoon peanut oil. When da oil stay hot, easy kine, pour da egg stuff in da wok an try cook lidda bit wid da kine medium heat for couple minutes, rolling da pan aroun for make da egg stay on da side of da wok and den, wen set, roll em down da wok an huli da egg over to cook da other side. 

Cookem for more 2 minutes and den hemo from da wok to one cutting board. Den rollem up an cut da egg in small strips,bits an piece, like one sliver fo add to da rice later, maybe 1/4" w x 2" long. Main ting keep everything small bits and strips.

Now, try use medium heat an add 3 small spoons peanut oil into da wok an wait until da smoke begin to rise. Auwe, da smoke alarm.

Tro in da minced onion and da lup chong if you are using it, an cook until softened and cooked, den add da cooked rice, da salt, da wine, and da soy sauce. Mixem up an keep mixing all togedda until da rice and all stay cooked an hot. Den, try tro in da peas, da egg slivers, an da chop green onion an keep stirring for anodda minute or so den, wen ready, serve you frens but make shua da bugga stay nice an hot.

Some guys put one sunny side fried egg on top da rice and den serve. Up to you Bra.

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