Uncle Don's Hawaiian Recipes

Tall Yellow Chicken Feet Soup with Swimming Chicken

Take a whole chicken at room temperature. Wash it nicely. Don't bother to dry it. Cut off any excess fat and/or tail. Fill a pot with enough water to cover chicken and turn setting to high. While waiting for water to come to a boil, add a roughly chopped carrot, a chopped onion and a chopped stalk of celery. Add salt and pepper and a bay leaf. Adjust water level and bring to a rolling boil.

Now put chicken into boiling water and wait until it returns to a full boil. Optional...to really make this supreme, add two chicken feet that have had the toenails clipped and the feet singed by open flame with the skin then removed. This will add a chicken flavor rarely found except in the famous Jewish penicillin, chicken soup. To avoid problems, remove feet before serving the soup. Let it stay at a full boil for exactly two minutes. Turn off heat setting, leaving pot on burner. Put a secure lid on, (you'll use masking tape if you're smart) and let it sit for 60 minutes. Do not, repeat, do not remove the lid.

After exactly one hour, remove chicken place on a platter and allow it to cool. Now remove all meat from the bones and refrigerate. Return all bones, skin and gizzard to the pot, if you like, and bring liquid back to a boil, lid off, then lower to a low boil so it slowly reduces the liquid by about half.

The chicken meat is now ready to be used for chicken curry, chicken pot pies, chicken a la king, chicken salad sandwiches or anything you wish, and the liquid is well on the way to becoming the basis for a wonderful chicken soup or stock. Strain the stock, add new veggies and simmer for another 30 minutes or more. Adjust the seasoning and use for a stock or as a base for a wonderful chicken broth. Maika'i loa (very good)!

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