In response to numerous requests for another album of traditional and contemporary Polynesian drum music, Hula Records International is pleased to present volume 3 of "Drum Beats Of The Pacific: Songs and Dances of the Islands."

Our goal in compiling these rhythms was twofold: to provide visitors with musical memories of their stay in the Islands, and to offer students of music and dance these dance beats representative of the cultures of Rorotonga, Aitutaki, Pukapuka, Mangaia - the Cook Islands, and Tahiti. This time, in addition to introductory notes by master drummer Dr. Jon Jonassen, we have included carefully annotated instructions to replicate the drum sequences, making it an invaluable tool for dance groups or for those who just want to try their hand and Pacific Island drumming.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Tavanui E
  2. Pa'ea/Rutu Taki/Kakaia
  3. Ta'ae O Tangaroa/Takoto
  4. Te Ulu Ote Watu
  5. Aitutaki/Pukapuka
  6. Atavaivalo/Orama
  7. Kia Orana
  8. Rutu Taki Ei Roto
  9. Amuri/Mokora
  10. Akauka Ra
  11. Mutiny
  12. Rutu Taki Ei Roto
  13. Pa'ea A'aki Anani
  14. Ura Pi'a

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