December 7, 1941 came to be known as the Day of Infamy. Pearl Harbor, where the attack occurred, became a rallying cry to those who fought in the bloody holocaust that followed.

These are the events of December 7 – shocking, frightening, poignant, tragic, unbelievable. Experience the chilling impact of those historic hours, not in dramatization, but largely told by people who were there – those who vividly recall the horror and the chaos. The sounds you hear, evoke a story more engrossing than any fictionalized tale could ever be. The words and the historic photographs that are included, are
a segment of America's history that should be known and remembered by people of all ages.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Roll Call of the Honored Dead
  2. War!
  3. The Attack!
  4. History of Pearl Harbor
  5. Japanese Mission
  6. General Quarters
  7. USS Nevada
  8. Hospital Ship USS Solace
  9. Japanese Subs
  10. Lucky Pheonix
  11. USS Arizona
  12. Day of Infamy
  13. The USS Arizona Memorial
  14. President Gerald R. Ford
  15. Taps

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