In 1979 the Hawai‘i Academy of Recording Arts created a comedy category. The Hoku Award for Most Promising Artist was presented to a young new comedian named Andy Bumatai for his debut recording "Hawaii's First Stand Up Comic."

That was more than two decades ago, and Andy went on to become one of Hawai‘i's most respected comic talents. Although he's constantly reinventing himself, Andy's first love –and the foundation of his career drive – is stand up comedy. "Brain Child" accurately represents this love and showcases not only Andy's multi-talented approach, but more importantly, his astute observational comedy.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Waikiki
  2. From the Country
  3. Frank DeLima Non-Ethnic Joke
  4. Hearing Aid
  5. Off Eyes
  6. The Chills
  7. I Wrecked My Car
  8. Labels Signs Security
  9. Iraqi War
  10. Shock and Awe
  11. Hearts and Minds of Iraq
  12. Fast Food
  13. Neighbor Island Directions
  14. Beggars
  15. How Eating Dog Started
  16. Filipino Heritage
  17. Accents
  18. Non-White
  19. White People
  20. Shy Locals
  21. Big Mahu
  22. Don Ho (extended)

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