Here are four outstanding soloists, each tops on his instrument, all equipped with the sweet and masculine voices so typically Hawaiian. These are the Sons of Hawaii: Gabby Pahinui has no equal when it comes to Hawai‘i's own slack-key style, on guitar and 6-string ‘ukulele. Eddie Kamae...that'd be the first name mentioned by anyone in the the question: Who's Hawai‘i's best on ‘ukulele? David Rogers, one of the greatest steel guitarists. Old-timers say, you never heard it better...even in the old days. Joe Marshall's way with the bass matches the other three for artistry.

Lyrics to selected songs are included, as are tidbits of information about each selection and an explanation about Hawaiian poetry and what Hawaiians call kauna, or veiled meanings.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Komo Mai E Hea Ke Kanaka
  2. Honesakala
  3. He'eia
  4. Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua
  5. 'Ama'ama
  6. Pua Kukui
  7. Sanoe
  8. Moku Kia Kahi
  9. Kaua'i
  10. He Nohea 'Oe I Ku'u Maka
  11. Liholiho
  12. Maile Lau Li'ili'i

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