Hawaiian music and jazz were made for each other, but it takes an artist with deep roots in both styles to make the marriage work. Keahi Conjugacion brings the soul of a daughter of Hawai‘i and the fire of a jazz diva to this celebration of all that is lyrical and swinging in the music of the Islands.  With inspired accompaniment from keyboard wizard Dan Del Negro, and local jazz greats Gabe Baltazar, Sam Ahia, Buddy Fo, and David Choy, Keahi finds the jazz heart of her own originals and Hawaiian music classics alike.  Keahi's brothers, Tony C and Brother Noland, are already stars of the Hawaiian music scene; with this CD, Keahi takes her rightful place at their side. - Chris Vandercook, local jazzman.

Album Tracks:

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  1. Sweetheart Medley:  Kiss Me Love/Ku'u Ipo
  2. Leahi
  3. Ei Nei
  4. Ha'a Hula
  5. Maile Swing
  6. Blue Hawai'i
  7. My 'Ohana
  8. A Million Moons Over Hawai'i
  9. Waikiki
  10. Hula Gals
  11. On a Coconut Island

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