Hema Pa‘a (Strong Left) is William “Baba” Alimoot and Chris Kamaka, two left handed musicians who play right handed instruments. "Baba" and Chris, who have long sung and played with other groups,both as studio musicians and live – most recently with Ku‘uipo Kumukahi and Ho‘okena – have joined forces to bring you their own recording entitled “Two Voices, One Heart.”

Collectively, “Baba” and Chris have more than 50 years of musical experience, illustrated by the diversity and strength of their performances. They blend their voices and artistry to bring you the music they are passionate about...traditional Hawaiian, hapa-haole, and contemporary Hawaiian classics. With their “chicken skin” ballads, jazzy arrangements, soaring falsetto harmonies, and fine instrumentation, they have put their imprint on each of these songs that you're sure to enjoy.

Lyrics and translations for each of the Hawaiian language songs are included in the CD package.

Album Titles:

(press play to hear samples)

  1. Catching a Wave
  2. Hoku Welowelo
  3. Aloha Kaua'i
  4. Hawaiian Paradise
  5. Keawa'iki
  6. Only You
  7. Wahine 'Ilikea
  8. E Pili Mai
  9. Nani Kaua'i
  10. Tewetewe
  11. Ke Aloha
  12. Kawohikukapulani

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