Master drummer Jon Tikivanotau Jonassen presents an exhilarating array of drum beats that are based on the unique traditional drum sounds of the Cook Islands. His orchestration reminds us of the rich Cook Islands Maori drumming tradition that has in recent years, been exposed as the secret source of inspiration for Tahiti, Samoa and Tokelau dance and musical groups.

 A 22-page booklet includes drum notations developed by Jonassen in the 60s. Lyrics and translations offer dancers and performers a deeper understanding of how the drum beat and chant music ought to be interpreted into dance form. This exceptional collection presents the original and complete dance routine beats for ten songs; each echoing a Cook Islands traditional story. A must have recording of Cook Islands culture!

Album Tracks:

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  1. Tiavaru
  2. Tamatoa
  3. Eitiare No Melina
  4. Tautai Moana
  5. Aitu
  6. Turama Po
  7. Ei Mua Ei Muri
  8. Akaepaepa
  9. Tiki Patana
  10. Ura Takapuni

Item CodeDrum Beats of the Pacific Cook Isles
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