"The Sunday Manoa philosophy has been simple enough: Take some modern influences, blend with the traditional, serve with sizzle and style. Gather musicians of diverse skills and artistry, and you get a hybrid. In the annals of Hawaiian music, The Sunday Manoa clearly can be credited with providing the roots for the renaissance among the young music-makers.

This compilation is a brief examination of earlier moments and imprints placed on the musical landscape. Sometimes you have to look back and appreciate history, to see and shape the future." – Wayne Harada, Entertainment Editor, The Honolulu Advertiser

 "The Best of The Sunday Manoa, Volume II" features Peter Moon, The Cazimero Brothers, Palani Vaughan, Cyril and Bla Pahinui, and Albert "Baby" Kalima, Jr.

Album Titles:

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  1. He Hawai'i Au
  2. Kapalaoa
  3. Kaulana 'O Waimanalo
  4. Wai O Minihaha
  5. Ka Lai Opua
  6. Ka Moa'e
  7. Lei Ona Ona
  8. Kaikai Waimea
  9. Poli Pumehana
  10. Akaka Falls

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